Tik Tok Security Threat

TikTok is incorporated in the US – but is owned by Chinese corporation ByteDance which is accused of having close ties to the country’s communist Government.

TikTok, the viral app with 1.5billion users allows people to share short videos and is one of the hottest apps on the planet among teens and social media addicts. However the app, owned by China’s ByteDance, is under ever-increasing scrutiny from U.S. government officials, including President Trump, who are threatening to ban it, claiming the app is a national security threat.

According to researchers the fear of being used for some form of espionage is directly tied to the growing geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China. It’s not that the app collects any more information than contemporaries like Facebook, experts say, but rather that TikTok has ties to China.

Australia will not ban the wildly popular TikTok app despite concerns it has been infiltrated by China’s Communist government, according to leading tech experts.

Hear from our own CSI expert tech Ben Aylett as he talks to Sky News host Andrew Bolt and flags the associated risks as the app collects a bucketload of information.