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CSI conducts tactical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM), also known as bug sweeps, debugging, and eavesdropping detection services designed to provide our clients with peace of mind that their conversations and information remains private. Our expert investigators conduct a full bug sweep by analyzing and investigating multiple methods to eavesdropping.

Our debugging sweep service includes:

Our team specialises in high end, customer service focused security, investigative, and consulting solutions. Our goal is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations with a timely effective service. We accomplish this by actively utilizing both internal and external active management techniques and focusing our services tuned to our client’s needs, resulting in a high-quality service our clients and employees welcome and respect. 

The risk of surveillance in Australia is increasing and concerning. More than 150,000 listening devices (bugs), hidden cameras and covert GPS trackers are imported into the country every year — so Big Brother is watching.

Our search focus

Items such as bugs, cameras and trackers can be purchased legally with ease online by anyone. It is easy for any person with no prior training to plant a device. All that is needed is opportunity and access, which can be done discreetly in a short window opportunity. However, having the ability to successfully locate these types of devices takes training and hands on experience, using wide ranging professional high-spec equipment.

Discreet operation

The large majority of the time our technicians will arrive discreetly in an unmarked vehicle. To the neighbours or local business, it could be a visit from any sort of tradesperson. As soon as we are inside we walk through a secondary brief to ensure we have all the information we need, and to address all your concerns.

This type of work is a methodical and lengthy process. The purpose of the search is to locate tiny devices someone doesn’t want us to find, if they’re there at all. Our search methods are critical and our officers ensure a thorough search of all identified areas are conducted systematically with patients.

Do you suspect your home, car or business has been bugged?

Call the CSI team from a phone and location you are sure hasn’t been compromised. Your call will be answered by an experienced investigator who will be able to talk through your suspicions, give you a risk assessment and form a plan of action if required. We will work with you to determine the scope of the surveillance threat and work out a strategy for dealing with anything we find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, officers on duty are dressed in uniform unless performing plain clothes operations. In this case, they carry a CSI wallet badge for identification purposes and WA Police approved Security licence listing all licence classes and photographic evidence.

Best to keep an eye on where we advertise job vacancies. If you are interested in joining the CSI team you can contact us direct. We are happy to keep your details on our system and contact you should a vacancy become available.

CSI are happy to prepare an ongoing maintenance arrangement. Our technicians will conduct complete system checks, perform necessary upgrades, and cleaning to ensure your surveillance system is active and not under performing.

On a regular basis we provide refresher training such as de-escalation of force, predictive profiling, effective community engagement, tactical and operational intelligence, report writing, personable and tactical communication, ethics and professionalism.

Depending on the assignment, officers can work individually or in a group setting. For example, investigations and consulting are performed with one officer, special events or high crime hot spot areas may have additional officers. 

Most insurance companies appreciate you lowering the risk of burglary by installing a monitored security system, and reward you by giving you a discount on your premium, a lower excess or both.

Essentially, Security Risk Assessments allow you to identify, analyse and evaluate the security risks that face your organisation, its assets and its people. From here, you become better equipped to mitigate or address these risks.

By conducting an SRA, all areas of your organisation become responsible for and aware of the security risks they face. This leads to greater communication, collaboration, decision making and preparation from every corner of your organisation. Security Risk Assessments are designed to identify security weaknesses within your organisation and to design an effective action plan in response. This ultimately strengthens your organisation, allows you to take ownership of your security and to allocate resources effectively.

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Reece White
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CSI gave us great up to date information on market leading CCTV equipment along with the benefits of security presence through the use of E bikes in the community as they are more responsive than regular security patrols. Thanks for the informative plan which allows us to better understand our security targets to maintain a safer place to live
Angela McTaggart
Read More
Stuart's professional services enabled me to have closure on a pressing issue which was causing me much angst. Within days he had come up with a plan/solution and it was executed with professionalism, wit and genuine care. I can't thank him enough for giving me the ability to move forward with my life. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to enlist their services. Thanks again Stuart.
Matt B
Read More
By far the most professional and complete solution for security protection, analysis and risk management. I’ve dealt with many companies over the years but will never use anyone else from now on. The principal/owner has a huge amount of knowledge and experience and was dedicated to providing me with the highest level of service, which far exceeded my expectations. They were also able to identify a number of gaps in our processes and built environment. Their patrols and officers are also excellent. I would highly recommend them without hesitation.
Ahtesham Khan
Read More
CSI is not just a company existing in the market but it is a name that believes in bringing the best strategy according to the clients needs and implementing it without compromising the quality. Stuart Kenny is a a very experienced person in this industry with valuable experience dealing with different complex situations over the years. CSI is bringing all new concepts and vision of monitoring modern everyday security needs and leaves a happy client not to worry about anything. Highly recommended and jump on to their website to look at some amazing services they are offering.
Frank Furfaro
Read More
CSI has recently fitted out the security cameras and surveillance for my business. I couldn't be happier with Stuart's quick response, attention to detail, price and quality of the system. Highly recommend
Jim Maroulis
Read More
The experience, knowledge and professionalism of this organisation is second to none. The consulting services to arrange a full CCTV setup of my home with back to base monitoring and mobile surveillance ensured myself and my family’s safety and security at home. Would highly recommend to anyone
Samantha Duhamel
Read More
I have engaged and employed CSI's expertise in both a personal and professional capacity, and cannot recommend them highly enough. Stuart is honest, personable and passionate about community safety and crime prevention, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is tried and tested. Do yourself (and your neighbourhood) a favour and give him a call today!
Ryan B
Read More
I have been a business partner of Stuart & Criminal Security Intelligence for 5 years now, they have always delivered a professional & prompt service for our complex & their Security services are second to none, detailed reporting & a level of professionalism & service that is rare these days, I would highly recommend their service to any organization or individual that wants the best out there.

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