Domestic Violence – TSCM Bug Sweeping

Late last month, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese declared that violence against women had become a “national crisis.” His comments came after thousands rallied in Australia’s big cities to demand action from the government in the face of alarming statistics regarding domestic violence.

Unfortunately, abusive and controlling partners often resort to using a variety of tech crime enabling attack methods on their victims. Partners and former partners who do so are breaking the law, however unless their activities are intercepted, and evidence preserved investigators are powerless.

A common theme in domestic violence cases result in technical surveillance attacks. It may be a device secretly placed in your home for example a hidden camera, listening device, GPS tracker fixed to your motor vehicle, spyware mounted on your mobile telephone device, or modified smart home appliances. Whatever the attack method, CSI – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Operatives located in Perth, Western Australia, can help by debugging the area – forming practical solutions and applying increased security layers to your circumstances.

Firstly, our aim is to enhance your security by counteracting or preventing unlawful surveillances by using covert electronic equipment. A thorough bug sweep, and physical search of the area is carefully performed in order to create an environment free from electronic surveillance and tracking, which primarily target hardens the victim, residence, and or business.

Upon completion, a full report including investigation findings and recommendations are provided. Moving forward we create key focus areas inclusive of best practices, security awareness, and practical strategies to minimise further risk, whilst maintaining privacy.

The team at CSI have a suite of security services available. We provide comprehensive security and protection expertise, including close personal protection, wide ranging investigations and much more.

We understand that every client’s needs are different. A collaborative approach ensures we fully understand the nature of work and associated risk. Our aim is to deliver a perfect combination of technical and physical security with the highest level of sustained customer service throughout the task, including timely follow up after care.

Any behaviour that is considered violent, threatening, controlling, or intended to make you or your family feel scared and unsafe can be considered family and domestic violence. Don’t be afraid to speak up by reporting this behaviour to local police. Connect with your local support services, in order to stamp out this behaviour, and ultimately save lives.

If you are in immediate danger – do not hesitate and call 000.

Confidential information counselling and support service 1800RESPECT of 1800 737 732.

CSI receive many service queries linked to domestic violence such as recovery of property from existing premises. Our primary role is to ensure the client can access the property without harassment, intimidation, or unnecessary delay. To ensure removalists can perform their role safely without obstruction and intervene at the earliest opportunity regarding persons who exhibit aggressive behaviour or attempt to delay the process. Our team take a personable approach and have demonstrated experience in de-escalating situations by exercising strong tactical communication and interpersonal skills.

If you believe you are a victim of being monitored or your movements tracked including your motor vehicle. Please contact the team at CSI to discuss how our TSCM Operatives who specialise in debugging and personal safety can assist.