The importance of reporting anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour are actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others.

Also defined as any type of conduct that violates the basic rights of another person, and any behaviour considered disruptive in society. It incorporates a range of behaviours from the minor offensive of harmful acts, to more serious criminal activity.

Although a common problem in Australia and overseas, there is evidence of a growing public perception that crime and anti-social behavior, particularly among young people is becoming worse.

Anti-social behaviour can have a negative impact on community perceptions of safety and people’s quality of life.

You have the right to expect police, your local council, and other agencies to make tackling anti-social behaviour in your local community a priority, including a professional and appropriate response.

That said, community support can also play a key important role, by working closely with local agencies and networking with neighbours, you can help to take successful action.

A good relationship with your neighbour is important because connection with others transforms communities where neighbours feel safe and secure.

Timely reporting of incidents to local police and other agencies can strongly assist to tackle problems in your neighborhood. By coming forward to report anti-social behaviour your actions may prevent the same problem occurring again and benefit your local community to becoming a safer place.

Evidence from victims and witnesses is important because it demonstrates the distress and annoyance of anti-social behaviour, and shows the damage caused throughout the community.

Remember – a connected community is a safer community and neighbours play a vital role.