Crime on the rise

These days increasing crime appears to feature as a common theme globally. Offenders seem to be becoming more fearless and brazen. Committing crime is routine for many criminals, and opportunistic crime is even more so evident.  Our police do a remarkable thankless job, and really don’t get the accolades and respect they deserve. They work tirelessly towards building and maintaining a safer and better-connected community. Community engagement is paramount to forming quality relationships, trust, and open communication.

At a local level in our Perth backyards, we are no exception to the ongoing struggle against the economy, mental health, homelessness, and drug related issues. The daily news provides a taste of crime topics within the State including the growing amount of drugs on the street, anti-social behaviour, and high volume of burglaries, and robberies committed in a public place.

Analysing crime patterns and trends to determine where the significant problems are, enables law enforcement to focus their attention. In general, most problems seem to fall into three categories: chronic problems, crime spikes, and crime panics. Crime reduction should be a key focus for everyone.

There are two disturbing signs that stand out regarding crime today. Firstly, the escalation of people’s offending behaviour, and secondly repeat victimisation.

Some victims of crime experience repeat victimisation as their home or business lacks layers of security. If you would like to target harden your home or business call the CSI team today for a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment and detailed report.

Our consultants will develop a variety of safety measures to enhance the overall security of you, your family and your assets.

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